6 Undeniably Awesome Summer Fashion Trends For Curvy Women

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Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  There are some affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page  or site that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.  This is at no extra cost to you. Happy browsing and enjoy the awesome recommendations!

Are you curvy? Are you changing your style trend or perhaps just your look? In need of some summer fashion inspiration? We got you covered!

As a curvy girly myself, I know how hard it can be to get those cute outfits and swimsuits that all the other girls wear.  I know how hard it can be to get flattering clothing that fits like a glove…. cause yes, we have a little extra roles here and there…. But don’t stress!! Because today I am showing you the hottest and most stylish trends for us curvy woman that will make all the heads turn because we look simply IRRESISTIBLE!  Keep reading to see what I am talking about!


  1.  Dresses for a Curvy Fashionista
  2. Swimsuits That Will Make Heads Turn
  3. Tops That Are Super Flattering
  4. Jumpsuits
  5. Wedges Are Daringly Sexy
  6. Accessorize
rosegal Beach Cover-up Plus Size Wrap Dress

I don’t know about you, but I am all for a comfortable dress!  Not only is this gorgeous Floral Maxi Dress comfy but it is exquisitely feminine and beautiful! Paired with a pair of heels or flats, this will make the perfect dress for any occasion.  You can wear it to a dance, an elegant evening, a party or a barbeque.  This really is an all-rounder dress.

Price: $27.29

If you want to know more about this dress, feel free to follow my affiliate Link mymillennial/RosegalFloralMaxiDress

Well this is such a pretty dress, that I simply can not see what there is NOT to love about it!  This gorgeous Floral front tie midi dress from Rosegal promotes elegance yet comfort too.  With such flowy material you really can pull off any type of look with this.  You can wear this on a night out on town, a date night or even a summer picnic.

Once again you can pair this beautiful dress with a thin belt, pair of heels or flats.  The fun part about this dress is that it has a lot of movement making it very mobile for anyone who wears.  So I give a super big thumbs up for this floral beauty.

Price: $27.09

If you want more info on this specific gorgeous dress, follow my affiliate link mymillennial/RosegalFloralMidiDress

This super soft and comfy casual dress will lift up your mood for any spring or summers day.  This gorgeous dress can be worn on a stroll in the park, to town, brunch with friends or casually at home.

You can pair it up with cute pumps or wedges.

Price: $25.99

Want more info, follow my affiliate link amzn.to/2A9oMJD

Tbdress Shoes Sale Extra $6 off over $69, Shop Now!

Yes, we’ve all heard the myth, if you’re curvy and busty don’t wear stripes and this one “stripes aren’t flattering for a curvy girls”, oh and off course this one “only skinny girls can wear stripes” ! Uhm EXCUSE ME! Look at this dress… What is NOT flattering about it?! It has all different directions of stripes that creates slimming illusions and makes you look a little bit taller than usual.

Price: $28.11

Want to get more info on this dress? Follow my affiliate link mymillennial/TBDressStripeMaxiDress

2. Swimsuits That'll Make Heads Turn

Swimsuits. We all love them and we all dread them too. People have in some form made you believe that you wouldn’t look good in a swimsuit, right?  How do I know that?  Well because that is what I have been told.  That is also what magazines and social media show us.  WELL I CALL BULLSHIT! yes, you heard me!  I call bullshit!   We are beautiful, we are curvy and we’re not gonna hide because of what society claims we are or should be.  ALL WE NEED TO BE IS CONFIDENT!  and this is what these swimsuits are gonna do for you.   They’re gonna make you feel sexy, confident and you’re gonna make a lot of heads turn.  GO ROCK THAT SWIMSUIT YOU BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!

This is super cute!  This Cherry Print Boyshorts styled swimsuit reminds me of the 60’s – 80’s era.  You know like those Pin-Up Girls?!  They were curvy women too, you know. (Just saying)

This halter boyshort style is definitely flattering,  super sexy, body hugging and will keep those ladies right in their place when taking a dive.  It has an inner underwire that will keep your boobs in tact and add a little to the cleavage.

You will be super stunning and turning heads wherever you may swim.

Price: $25.07

Want more info on this gorgeous swimsuit? Follow my affiliate link mymillennial/RosegalCherrySwimsuit

Colorful Swimwears--Buy 2 Get 10% Off,Buy 3 Get 20% Off promotion

This swimsuit shouts sexappeal, confidence and tons of elegance!

With this beautiful halter one-piece swimsuit you are bound to turn a lot of heads and all for the right reasons.

It’s Backless effect brings all the attention to the front of the swimsuit.  It’s low cute bodice is really flattering as it not only shows a bit of cleavage but portrays confidence…. and confidence is always flattering!


Want to get more info on this gorgeous swimsuit?  Follow my affiliate link mymillennial/RosegalPinkPlungeSwimsuit

I guess we can all agree that this Tankini is super cute en irresistibly sexy! This gorgeous swimsuit will have everyone talking for a loooong time.

This Gorgeous Criss Cross Tankini offers a lot of support.  It has underwire in to keep the boobs in place and it fastens in a criss cross style that supports your back and adds extra comfort when swimming.

Price: $26.16

Want to find out more about this gorgeous Tankini?  Follow my affiliate link mymillennial/RosegalCrissCrossTankini

Okay, this is probably the prettiest halter tankini to ever live!!!! (okay not live, but you know what I mean).

You’ll have everybody asking where you bought this beauty and maybe even get a few phone number requests if you know what I mean!

Price: $26.99

To get more info on this gorgeous Tankini, follow my affiliate link mymillennial/DressLilyRuffledTankini

STAY AT HOME promotion

Okay, so as you can see this top screams COMFORT & SEXY all at once.  The front lace-up feature really ads a cool effect and will have everyone around you envying your top.  Luckily DressLily has a few different colors of these gorgeous tops available, so you can actually have a few options.

Price: $23.75

Want to know more or get your hands on this awesome top?, follow my affiliate link mymillennial/DressLilyCBStripeTop

Oh darling, Flattery will get you everywhere!!!  This gorgeous and absolute flattering top is available in six different colors and can be worn to any type of event.  Getting dressed up for a fancy event? this top will work.  Going to a party? This top will work.  Going to a picnic? THIS TOP WILL WORK!

You can pair this up with a good pair of skinny jeans or tights.  Anything goes with this Cold Shoulder Top.

Price: $22.54

Want more info on this gorgeous top?  Follow my affiliate link mymillennial/DressLilyCSTop

What I love about this top is the unequalness (if that is even a word lol).  It brings out a complete unique approach to your wardrobe.

You can wear this top on a cool summers night with a pair of jeans, a skirt or even tights.

Only thing I am sad about is that there aren’t more colors available in this top.

Price: $14.85

Do you want to know more about this top? Follow my link mymillennial/DressLilyASBBlouse

Plus Size Swimwear For Beach Vacation promotion

Look how super cute this Floral Off Shoulder Jumpsuit it!  This jumpsuit can be worn to the office, the beach, a night out, a picnic, BASICALLY ANYWHERE!

The material is soft and super comfy, giving you free movement during the day.

Price: $22.95

Want to find out more about this gorgeous jumpsuit?  Follow my affiliate Link amzn.to/2TBEwvT

I think this Jumpsuit basically speaks for itself.  It is elegant, sophisticated and extremely sexy.

This Jumpsuit accentuates all the right curves and that shoulder ruffled sleeve creates a very flattering and slimming illusion.

This gorgeous piece is available in 5 different colors – Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Black.

This Jumpsuit is maybe a little bit more expensive than the others, but I definitely think the price is worth the elegance.

This style jumpsuit can be worn to the office, a night out or any fancy event.

Price: $34.99

Want to know more about this jumpsuit? visit my affiliate link amzn.to/2TAA2WD

Suspend me NOW!!!!  I just love a good Suspender jumpsuit!  Remember the denim ones when we were kids? Oh, right! Those made a comeback too……

No this beauty is classy, sassy and definitely a little bad assy (omg, I rhymed).  You can wear this to the office, a party, lunch with your mother-in-law or a good night out with friends.

This Jumpsuits screams Sophisticated yet super comfy.

Price: $23.71

Want to know more about this bad ass jumpsuit?  Follow my affiliate link mymillennial/RosegalBuckleJumpsuit

5. Wedges Are Daringly Sexy

I actually think I have mentioned this before.  I LOVE WEDGES and block heel shoes…. why? well firstly because they’re sexy and secondly because the are much comfier that the normal stiletto heel or platform.  My Opinion though! Here are a few classy, sexy and super comfy wedges that will spice up your look!

Okay, seriously! Who would not love this sandal?!  It illuminates a bit of height and it is super duper comfy.  You don’t get those nasty foot cramps that normal heels give you within an hour of standing on your feet.

Price: From $22.99

Want to know more?  Follow my affiliate link amzn.to/2zvIXSf

Cute and Eye Catching!  This is what I see when looking at this gorgeous wedge heel!

This Espadrille wedge is perfect for summer fun gatherings as it promises a lot of comfort and a lot of envy because your shoes are just that pretty!

Price: $34.98

Do you want to learn more about these Espadrille Wedges?  Follow my affiliate link amzn.to/2ZAMKbs

Let me guess, you’re saying “Really Rinel, Espadrilles Again!!!”  Yeah, yeah… I  love them… I mean just look at it!   They are classy, fun and oh so very stylish.

They can really be word anywhere and everywhere.

Price: $39.99

Get more info on this gorgeous wedge by following my affiliate link amzn.to/2M0qgbW

6. Accessorize

Accessories!  The items that can make or break an outfit!  They say less is more in this category… but I don’t know,  you can get away by wearing a lot of bangles, necklaces, etc…. It even gets sold that way, where you have like five necklaces in one or 20 bangles in a set.  Here I share with you a few affordable and gorgeous accessories for every cupboard.

Now I myself seriously need to get my hands on a pair of these gorgeous European styled Earring!  They can work with any type of outfit! Casual, Elegant and Stunning! and Guess what else?!  SUPER AFFORDABLE!

Price: $4.17

Want more info on these earrings?  Follow my affiliate link now mymillennial/WigsbuyEuroEarrings

Se what I told you about having 5 necklaces in one?!  and just look how super gorgeous it is!  It isn’t tacky, it isn’t overdoing it … it is just right!

This necklace is super sexy and super affordable and definitely a must have!

Price: $2.24

Want this vintage style necklace? Follow my Affiliate link mymillennial/WigsbuyNecklace

Who would’ve thought that girlish hairclips and pins would be a thing again?!  I really love these floral ones, they go very well with floral print clothing and is definitely an accessory to spread the summer lovin.

Price: $6.23

Get your hands on these beauties by following my affiliate link mymillennial/WigsbuyHairpins


So these are my favorite 6 Summer trends that everyone’s following currently.  I really hope that this helped you to zoosch up your wardrobe a bit. If you liked the read, please share and subscribe.

Thanks for spending time on my blog.

Did this post help you to find a new trend? Was this post useful? what other trends do you love?


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