About Me

About Me


Funny,  I can write about so many stuff but I battle to write about myself hahaha, guess that keeps me humble.

Well I guess I have to do this so that you guys know whose content you’re reading and who you’re getting in touch with.

What is My Millennial Blog about and what can you do for me?

Well, My Millennial is a blog about fashion & beauty in the new day and age.  I want to show you how you can sharpen up your wardrobe, your makeup skills or your beauty routine.  I am offering you the more affordable options that will get the same outcome as any expensive item or product on the market.  I have a few mean skills that I want to teach you and great outfit ideas.


  • Name: Rinel
  • Surname:  Day – Walker
  • Born:  15 August 1990
  • Age:  29
  • Located:  Johannesburg, South Africa

You want to know more?

Now that we have that covered, here’s a bit more details you should know about me.  I am a singer/ songwriter in South Africa named Rinel Day.  I have been nominated for  two music awards and have two albums out currently in the Afrikaans language.  The third one will see the light this year.  Feel free to learn more about my music on YouTube or got to www.rinel.co.za.

In my music career I have worked with numerous local stars.  I have been singing since the age of 10 and can cover over 300 songs in the genre’s of rock, pop and country music.

Now what brings me to blogging and what brings me to fashion and beauty?

As a singer you learn a lot about writing (especially when writing your own songs).  Writing has become a huge passion for me and I wanted to put it to paper on another type of platform.  That is how My Millennial started to co-exist.  My fashion and beauty love also came in through my music career.  As an artist you always have to look your utmost best from head to toes.  So I came up with the idea to combine my knowledge of writing, fashion and beauty and teach ya’ll what I know.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

I started a local online store a few years back but with my music keeping me super busy I wanted to get an easier way of doing business without actually having to be present at a store, something that I can do from anywhere in the world.  This is why I have signed up for numerous Fashion & Beauty affiliate programs, you can see some of them here mymillennial/Recommendations.  I can still do what I love without the hassle and at no extra cost to anybody.

Rinel Day 2020

The Song That Made Me Known In South Africa

I hope this gives you a better indication of who i am and what i want to do with this blog. thanks for reading and for your support!



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