Dress Like Kylie Jenner With These 5 Outfits

Well you can either love or hate this family!  The Kardashians and Jenners have proven that they’re forces to be reckoned with.  Although Kylie was born into one of the richest families in the world she has proven that she can gain success by starting her very own cosmetics brand named Kylie Cosmetics.  Apart from her debut on Keeping up with the Kardashians, this fashion icon has recently been named the youngest billionaire thanks to Kylie Cosmetics!

Dress like Kylie Jenner with these 5 outfits.

And then unfortunately she also got stripped from her billionaire title when Forbes released a statement claiming that she allegedly has forged tax documents, etc. in order to fabricate her success.  Such a shame though!  Like I said,  you can either love or hate them!  One thing I do love about Kylie Jenner is her sense of style and fashion and that although she was born into money she’s still trying to do her own thing, that we can applaud her for.  Now let me show you how you can dress like an everyday Kylie Jenner with these 5 affordable outfits.

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Kylie Jenner wearing a long sleeve turtleneck bodycon dress
It’s All About Elegance

The moment I saw this dress I just knew that I had to have and that you had to have it too!

I love the elegance that this ankle length dress portraize.  This dress is suitable to wear in the office, a date night, party or fancy function!

I give this dress and look a huge thumbs up!


I am super stoked that I could actually track down the exact dress!  I wonder who saw the dress first though, the model or Kylie?  But either way it is super stunning!

Long Sleeve Bodycon Turtleneck Dress

Elegant, Feminine, Beautiful, Gorgeous! What more can I say about this dress... Wait! AFFORDABLE! This dress goes for only $19.76 and you can find it over on TBDress.com.

Rhinestone Covered Block Heel Shoes

I have mentioned this in a few posts already! Shoes should be comfortable and block heels and wedges shout comfort! Yet they are super stylish and sexy. You can find out more about them at TBDress.com.



Wave Brown Ombre Ponytail

I just simply love this synthetic ponytail wig. It gives you that extra length you want without any hassle for only $21.82

Rhinestone Wing Shape Earrings

I love that this is not a dangling, drooping or hoop earring. I think that this would go well with your outfit.

Kylie Jenner wearing a casual cami top, jeans and sneakers.
Even Celebrities Love Comfort

I love the stylish yet casual look that Kylie is pulling off here!  I can imagine that after a night of glitz and glamour you’d probably just want to tone down.

This look almost makes her look like an ordinary citizen. LOL!  But once you get close to her and see all the bodyguards around her, paparazzi and people staring, you’ll know she’s anything but ordinary!

This look is perfect for a fun day outside, a stroll in the mall or a date night at the bowling alley.


Now this is a look I know you’ll pull off just as well as what Kylie’s pulling it off!  As I’ve mentioned in my “Dress like Katy Perry” post it isn’t easy to get the exact items every single time but I can give you the next best thing!

White Crossed Back Top

This cute and sexy top has an open back with the straps crossing at the back. You can read more about this $10.99 top over on the Yoins website.

High-Waist Side Pocket Jeans

These jeans remind me of boyfriend jeans! They look super comfy! Pairing them with that cute top will just make your outfit scream "HELLO!". You can read more about it on the Yoins site.

Red And White Sneakers

So I chose to pair the look with white and red sneakers. The red breaks the outfits blue and white look a bit and brings out the fun! Can you believe it only costs $20.99 on Yoins?!

Gold Coin & Pearl Necklace

As I've mentioned in my "Dress Like Taylor Swift" post I really love pearls! They even make a casual outfit seem a bit more elegant than usual! Check it out on Yoins.

Faux Fur Crossbody bag

This cute bag is perfect for any occasion! It has enough space for your necessary items. The cold detail on the bag matches well with the gold necklace above. You can get the bag over on Yoins for only $14.99.

Kylie Jenner wearing thigh high boots and matching jacket.
Cute & Sexy Celebrity

This is an outfit I know you’ll love.

Don’t you just love those suede thigh high boots?  I have never been a fan of thigh high boots until I saw this photo of Kylie.

It seems to me as if though she is a huge fan of her thigh high boots and turtleneck tops and dresses.  Well I don’t blame her, it looks super hot on her!  Don’t you agree?


I am really happy that I could find a pair of suede thigh high boots that looks really similar as to the ones that Kylie are wearing!  Just a pity I couldn’t find the exact jacket but the jacket I recommend still does the job pretty well!

Casual Tank Top Dress

This dress is super cute! You can wear it plain or pair it up with a pair of leggings! I would love to get a few colors in this dress! Super sexy, comfy and casual for summer! This dress can be found over at ChicMe for only $24.29

Thigh-High Pointed Heel Boots

These boots were made for walking! These boots can be worn with a cute dress or even with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans! A must add to the wardrobe item. You can find it over at ChicMe.

Slim Fit Blazer

Now this is a jacket that you can wear to any event or even to the office! Classy! You can get this jacket/ blazer at ChicMe for only $43.19! Super affordable!


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Kylie Jenner is sporting an off shoulder top with leather pants.
That 60’s Look!

This look reminds me of the movie Grease!  You know that moment Sandy arrives at the fun fair with her leather tights, off shoulder top, red shoes and red lipstick?!  That moment!

This look is super sexy and definitely not ever going out of style!


Now as I’ve mentioned earlier I would have loved to get the exact outfit!  But we got darn close!  Those leather leggings are really super comfy, trust me, I have a pair!

Off Shoulder Shiny Top

Now this is super sexy! I love the puffy sleeve and the shine. It just makes that look stand out even more! This cute top is only $46.94 at TBDress.com

Leather Leggings

Sexy yet classy. These leggings you can pair up with a sexy top or a cute dress to give your look more of an edge. Get these awesome leggings over at TBDress.com. They're only $16.96

Sling Back Pointed Toe Heels

Now I'll be honest I am not a huge fan of this particular style but I trust that someone (maybe you) love this particular heel. You can get it over at TBDress.com

Pink Sunglasses

If you've got Pink Sunglasses then we can totally be friends. This cute cat eye pair of sunglasses really finishes off this look. Get it at TBDress.com. Plus it is Anti-UV so you can keep you're eyes safe while looking like a star!

Kylie Jenner wearing a long sleeve turtleneck dress with knee high boots.
Turtlenecks Are Cute

Going to the club?  Going on a date?  Just want to look sexy?  Well I think this look will have you covered then!

Kylie has shown us how she loves to wear her turtleneck outfits and this outfit is definitely one that anyone can pull off effortlessly.

Now if miss Jenner can look this cute, imagine how cute you’ll look?!


This outfit makes me want to get ready for winter.  Pair that outfit up with cute leggings and a scarf, you’ll be ready for winter in no time!

Turtleneck Dress

I would live in this dress over winter! It looks so warm and comfy! I love that you can wear this anywhere! You can find it on TBDress.com for only $29.20. Super affordable right?!

Knee-High Zipper Boots

Now these boots scream sexy! Damn, girl. You'll look like a million bucks with these TBDress.com boots. Come Rain or Sunshine, these babies are a must have.

Pearl and Diamante Earrings

I love these cute pearl earrings. You can wear them on a day out, date night, girls night or even to the office. They add that extra pizzazz to your outfit.

Slim Fit Leather Jacket

I love leather jackets! I think I only have leather jackets and hoodies in my cupboard. There's just something about leather jackets (or moto jackets as other call it) that really turns heads and makes you want to wear it. Find this gorgeous jacket over at TBDress.com for only $38.45



Kylie Jenner may be wearing designer brands and products but you sure can get away with dressing like an everyday Kylie for under $200.  Definitely much more affordable than those fancy brand names and just as sexy!  I highly recommend the online services of TBDress.com, Yoins and ChicMe.  They’re proven sites that allows you to get with the fashion and beauty trends in a super affordable way, plus they ship worldwide.


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