Get The Look: How To Dress Like Katy Perry With Just 5 Outfits

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Who doesn’t love Katy Perry?!  I mean this girl has got class, pizzazz, style and she has the world wrapped around her little finger.  One thing I really love about her is that she is very daring and really shows her art not only through her music but also through her style.  Today I’ll be showing you how you can look like an everyday Katy Perry by just having these 5 outfits in your cupboard!

Disclosure:  This post may contain affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases.  This means that I may get commissioned on any purchases made through the links I post.  This has no extra cost to you

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This dress will send off fireworks!

The moment I laid my eyes on this gorgeous ensemble I was totally hooked – Hook, line and sinker!

What I love about this dress is it’s swing bell shape!  It looks super sophisticated but it also has that “girlish”touch to it!

This dress makes me want to twirl around, dance and just have fun!


Okay, as you know it is impossible to find the exact dresses, etc. as our stars have most of their outfits custom made.  So here’s my affordable rendition of this Katy Perry Purrrrrrrfect look

  1. Lace Patchwork Swing Dress This gorgeous dress will have you turning heads at any event.  The beautiful and detailed lace patchwork is super elegant.  You can wear a gorgeous bra or cami underneath. You can get this dress at TBDress.com for only $28.65Click here if you wish to order.
  2. Pointed Slingback Stiletto Heels – Now these babies are absolutely gorgeous!  Ya’ll know by know that I am a big fan of wedges and block heels, but these shoes are so gorgeous that even I’ll wear it!  You can get them at TBDress.com for only $50.02. Shop the shoes here!
  3. Gold Diamante Vintage Ring Set – Although these gorgeous rings may be plated gold, they’re still beautiful and will get the job done to match this gorgeous Katy Perry look.  You can get them from TBDress.com for only $7.23Shop the Ring Set here.
  4. Gold Braided With Centre Pearl Earrings – Okay, I am super in love! I actually feel I want (no wait, I need) t get this outfit for myself!  Shop them at TBDress.com for only $4.16Shop these earrings here!
Can You Believe That This whole outfit will cost you only $90.06


This Dress Has Us Wide Awake!

I am super in love with this off shoulder smocked dress.  She wears this dress sooooo well!

I love that she pairs this Floral dress with a pair of hoop earrings and off course that gorgeous engagement ring that Orlando Bloom gave her!

Oh and that Bob!!! I think of all her hairstyles she’s sported before, this one definitely suits her the best!

This look is cheeky, girly and super feminine at the same time!


Okay, so this might not be the same colour (which is kinda impossible to find, lol) but I still love this mustardy colour!  The mustard colour in clothing is TRENDING LIKE CRAZY!  So it definitely is a must have dress!

  1. Floral Smocked Off Shoulder Dress CAN YOU SAY GORGEOUS?  I bet you can! This dress is perfect for a fun day out or even a great night out too!  You can even go on a luncheon with your mom-in-law with this beauty of a dress!  You can get this dress from Zaful.com for only $22.99 Get this Floral dress here.
  2. Gladiator Cross Wedge Heels – Damn, girl!  Now that is what I’m talking about! It looks so comfy as if you could walk around it all day and all night!  These wedges pair up greatly with the smocked off shoulder dress.  Get these beautiful wedges from Zaful.com for only $38.99Shop for these wedges here.
  3. Faux Pearl Hoop Earrings – I’ve matched the outfit with these stunning pearl earrings to finish off this gorgeous outfit.  Get these beautiful pearl hoop earring from Zaful.com for only $3.17.  Shop for these earrings here.
  4. Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand –  Okay the reason I put this up is because it really makes super nice curls!  And I think that the curls Katy sports with this dress really makes the outfit POP!  Get this cool curling iron for from Amazon for only $27.00.  Shop this curling iron by following my affiliate link amzn.to/2ZOQBSE
This whole outfit (including the curling iron) will cost you $92.15


Can I Hear A Roarrrrr??

Although this photo makes it seem like Katy didn’t want to be at this event, she is still rocking this outfit!

I love that she’s gone all vintage on us in this look.  The white sunglasses reminds me of old movies and drive-ins.  You know, this is something they could have let Sandy wear in the movie Grease! Just Saying!


Okay, again don’t crucify me for the color! But Red is still super hot and this look will still give you that Katy Perry vintage look!  I love the floral patterns on this off shoulder dress and the bling on the block heel shoes!  This is waaaay to cute!

  1. Fame & Partners Aubrietta Floral Print Dress – This cute off shoulder floral dress from Amazon will have you getting a few whistles when walking down the street!  You can get it for only $34.29.  Shop for this gorgeous dress by following my affiliate link amzn.to/3esJQKa
  2. CiNily Leaf Opal Dangle Earrings – This white gold plated set of earrings is super stunning!  This is the perfect set to have for any event.  It is inlaid with a red fire opal to give it, its gorgeous effect.  You can get this pair of earrings from Amazon for only $12.88.  Shop for the earrings by following my affiliate link amzn.to/3ckhGje
  3. Top Moda Hannah Red Block Heels As you know I am a super big fan of comfortable shoes.  These block shoes are super comfy and gives you that extra pizzazz that you need to pull off this vintage look.  You can get these heels from Amazon for only $19.99.  Shop now to get these stunning heels right by following my affiliate link amzn.to/3dgLM8n
  4. Over-sized Boyfriend Sunglasses –  Yeah you read it right. These gorgeous sunglasses are called boyfriend sunglasses.  With it’s pretty angles you can finish off this vintage look in no time.  Get this pair of sunglasses from Amazon for only $12.99.  Shop for them here by following my affiliate link amzn.to/2XKs4LA
  5. Dasein Tote Handbag & Purse – This is a double whammy! When I was looking for great deals on Tote bags, I came across this awesome set.  This Tote bag will add to your vintage look and has a lot of “storage” space.  I think you’ll fit your kitchen sink in it too! LOL.  Get this awesome set from Amazon for only $43.99.  Shop now to get it here by following my affiliate link amzn.to/2BbgEZL
The Total Cost Of This Vintage Katy Perry Look Is $124.14


This Is How We DO!

This outfit we can go to the mall with, a girls night out or a fun hangout with your boyfriend!

I love this off shoulder knitted top that she paired with a pair of camo pants!!!

THOSE PURPLE HEELS HAVE ME DROOLING!   I loved that she added a pop of color to this retro street look.  Such a badassy sexy look!


Must I say again how much I love this outfit?!  I LOOOOOOVVVEEE THIS OUTFIT.  There, now I have it out of my system hahaha.  Here’s how you can get this cool look!

  1. Oblique Collar Women’s Sweater – First things first, there are multiple colors available of this gorgeous sweater.  So don’t feel obligated to purchase this color at all.  This is merely my preference.  You can get this gorgeous top from TBDress.com for only $19.34Shop this top here.
  2. Camo Print Skinny Jeans – It has side pockets!!! Let me repeat… IT HAS SIDE POCKETS!  I love side pockets because they tend to create such a slimming illusion. You can get this super sexy pair of camo jeans from TBDress.com for only $28.65Shop the sexy camo jeans here.
  3. British Wool Blends Winter Fedora Hat – A lot of people would say that fedora hats are something of the past.  I fully disagree on that.  I think hats are still very trendy and can really give any look a different type of pop!  You can get this gorgeous fedora hat from TBDress.com for only $13.64Get your fedora hat here.
  4. Open Toe Fringe Stiletto Heels – OMG! CHECK OUT THESE SHOES!  I would wear them all day, every day.  They’re just that gorgeous and they’re in one of my favorite colors!!  I used to have a pair in black and I remember how much I loved them!  They’re really an attention drawer.  You can get them from TBDress.com for only $81.73Shop the shoes here.
  5. Large Lens Wrap Sunglasses – These sunglasses will make you feel like the celebrity that you are!  These sunglasses are super Divalicious (If that is even a word)! I love the gold embossed detail at the sides of these shades.  Get them at TBDress.com for only $7.10Shop the shades here.
  6. U7 Wide Cuff Bracelet – This was kinda a hard item to find.  I don’t now why! I really think these wide set cuff bracelets should really be trending still!  So let’s make a comeback with it!  You can get this gorgeous bracelet from Amazon for only $17.99.  Shop here for the bracelet by following my affiliate link amzn.to/2TPBnZE .
  7. Thread Circular Sling Bag – I love it, I love it, I love it!  This cute little sling bag can carry the essentials and really rounds off an outfit.  Get your sling bag from TBDress.com for only $20.99Shop your sling bag here.
This Complete Outfit Costs $189.44


The Dark Horse

This is a look I would sport everyday if we didn’t have winter seasons!  But then again I could always sport this look with a pair of tights, right?

I am a huuuuge fan of the moto jacket!  You can pair a moto jacket with any outfit and it will give it that extra bit of pizzazz you need!

This rocker/ playful look is something that will never get old.


You see what I did here?!  I actually added a purple wig for you to get the full and complete Katy Perry Retro Chic look.   You can obviously sport your au-de-naturel look too, which would still be SUPER HOT!

  1. Floral A-Line Dress – Once again, it may not be the exact dress, but this dress will look super hot on anyone wearing it (in other words YOU! wink-wink).  You can get this dress fro Zaful.com for only $16.08Shop the dress here.
  2. Floral Embroidered Faux Leather Jacket – OMG! I love the floral embroidery on this moto jacket.  It’ll give your outfit such an edge but it will still give you that femininity.  Get the jacket from Zaful.com for only $47.99Shop your moto jacket here.
  3. Flower Buckle Waist Belt – What more can I say.  This belt is super cute and will accentuate your waist beautifully.  It will create a super slimming effect and show of your hourglass figure!  You can get this waist belt from Zaful.com for only $17.39Shop the waist belt here.
  4. Peep Toe Sequin Wedges – Need I say more?! WOW! WOW! WOW! I am in love….. Shut up and take my money! (drooly face).  These wedges really will give such a sexy W-EDGE to this super sexy outfit. (Pun totally intended).  Get the wedges from TBDress.com for only $42.97.  Shop the wedges here.
  5. Wide Plain Headbands (Pack Of 6) – A headband for any colored outfit.  I love how Katy finishes off her look with a cute headband.  It really draws the attention to her gorgeous purple hair (Did I mention it is one of my favorite colors?!).  Get this pack of 6 headbands from Amazon for only $10.99.  Shop the headbands here by following my affiliate link amzn.to/2Xe2EqF
  6. Long Wavy Purple Wig – First thing first, this is synthetic hair and not human hair.  That is kinda the only downfall to it although the site says that it is of very high quality.  Which it will be because Wigsbuy.com sells only high quality products.   Anyhow, I do feel that if you decide to get the wig, you could pull of the complete Katy Perry look here.  You can get the wig from Wigsbuy.com for only $97.02Shop it here.
This complete outfit, including the wig, will cost you $232.44. 



You can pull off any of these gorgeous 5 Katy Perry outfits and all for under $200.  Super affordable!

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