Review: Use Rakuten To Earn Free Cash Back And Get A Free $10 Cash Back Bonus

Disclosure:  This post may contain affiliate links, this means that I may be commissioned for any sign-ups or purchases made through my links.  Please note that this is of no extra cost to you.

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Okay, so I know my blog is supposed to be about Fashion & Beauty and yes, I know this review doesn’t have much to do with fashion and beauty, but if I told you, you can get cash back from shopping at your favorite fashion and beauty stores, then that would make this review okay, right? (wink, wink – nudge, nudge)

So are you ready to know more about Rakuten?  Well first let me tell you, this company has saved me out of a few tricky situations (and about 12 million other people too) with all the cash backs I have received.  I can really say that when the going gets tough, I get Rakuten! (Pun totally intended) Why?  Because Rakuten gives you free money for shopping.



So today I’ll share with you what Rakuten is about, whether Rakuten is a scam or not (which I promise you it isn’t) and how to save money with Rakuten.  Want to know more???  Keep reading! lol

Rakuten is a FREE cash back website.  When you spend $25, you can get cash back and you can get a FREE $10 welcoming cash back bonus

Let me tell you more about Rakuten!

Well now, first things first.  Rakuten is a completely FREE cash back website, there are no monthly fees! But to tell you more about the company itself, I am going to quote them from their website. See Below:

Since our founding in 1997, Rakuten has helped shape the way people shop online, offering Cash Back, deals and shopping rewards on the world’s largest selection of products and services. To date, our 12 million members in the U.S. have earned over $1 billion in Cash Back at their favorite stores.


How do I use Rakuten to get cash back?

Okay, firstly you can choose from a variety of over 2500 stores to shop from.  This includes all your favorite fashion, beauty, food, electronics stores and so much more.  You can even use it when making travel arrangements.  Rakuten also includes cash back offers from stores such as Macy’s, Ulta Beauty, Amazon, Sephora and Walmart.  So you really have a lot of options to choose from.

So how much cash can you get back?  Well each store will show you how much percent you can get back.  So if you see an offer that strikes you real good.  Just click SHOP NOW

Now as I have mentioned Rakuten is FREE! There are no monthly fees, no hidden costs that you have to pay Rakuten, no nothing! It is absolutely FREE to sign up ad free to use!  It is really as easy as one, two, three steps!

  1. Find your store
  2. Shop as usual
  3. Get cash back!


Rakuten offers you the chance to use coupons when shopping with Amazon! USE IT!

What else do they offer?

Not only can you get cash back but they have tons of extra added coupons, promotions and deals that you can use while using Rakuten’s cash back website! So in other words you can use your coupon codes and discount just like you normally would.  Then when you go and shop through one of the Rakuten cash back options, you still get your cash back! It is as simple as that!

fashion, beautiful woman, woman

Last but not least, is Rakuten a scam or not?

Well let me start off by saying that I would not recommend something that is a scam.  Myself and 12 million other members believe in this cash back website because we have tried and tested it.  I have made my first $100 with Rakuten and have made more after that with little to no effort at all.  So NO it is not a scam!

Rakuten is an affiliate company and that is how they earn money from me, you and 12 million other members.  They simply only earn when we shop through one of their links! 

It is exactly the same as when you shop online with Sephora (whom is listed on Rakuten).  Sephora pays Rakuten a percentage for advertising and referring them to me, you and everyone else.  Then Rakuten goes and gives us a little bit of that percentage! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

So I stick to my guns and say NO IT IS NOT A SCAM! 

Of all the cash back websites I have been on, I think that Rakuten is really one to be reckoned with! It is free, easy to use and quick to pay out! In my books a Rakuten scam can’t and won’t and doesn’t exist! So you can chill on that thought!

Did you find this Rakuten review helpful? Do you already use Rakuten as your cash back helper? What other cash back website do you love? Tell me in the comments below!


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