What Not To Wear When You’re Going On A First Date

OMG! That hottie that you’ve been eyeing for months has finally asked you out on a date or that cutie you just met on Tinder wants to meet up in person!  You’re super stoked, excited and nervous at the same time right?!  As a woman myself the first thing I worry about and I know you do too is “WHAT DO I WEAR?”.  Well now there are a few things to take into consideration before deciding what to wear like where are you going?, is it formal or casual?, Is it during the day or night?.   Now when you have those answers you can start planning your whole outfit but the only problem is you’re not sure exactly what to wear because if you wear that cute mini skirt in you closet you may come off as desperate (and you’re not desperate) or if you wear that long sleeve polo neck it you may come off as uptight! (not that there’s anything wrong with mini skirts and polo necks).

So you’re probably wondering and asking me now then Rinel “WHAT SHOULD I WEAR AND WHAT NOT”?  Well here are my 10 pointers to help you figure out what you should not be wearing on a first date.

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Don't Be Too Casual

Now somewhere deep in my heart I know that you already know this, but let me just mention this for the girls or women that’s very new to the dating scene.  Now first, you can’t go out with just a T-Shirt, jeans and a pair of old slops with a messy bun and no make-up!  I get that when things get serious he or she will see you in that style but for a first date that is a NO-GO-ZONE!  You need to at least look like you’ve done a little effort (I repeat a little because a lot is not good either) a man (or woman) loves to know that you’ve made a little effort to meet up with them in the first place.  So if the date is casual here’s what I suggest you wear.

If you’re date is taking place during the day I suggest you wear something that will show off your femininity like a cute dress or a blouse with a good pair of fitting jeans.  Now remember you don’t want to show off too much skin but you also don’t want to cover up completely.  So when choosing a dress, choose an appropriate knee length height (not anything lower than that).  When choosing a blouse choose something that is flattering, comfy and doesn’t show off too much cleavage and please no jeans that can show a butt crack or thong when sitting down!

If you’re date is taking place at night and it’s casual then you could opt in for a gorgeous Maxi Dress or a comfy pair of jeans with a flattering top and maybe a jersey. Don’t show up in your ex boyfriends sweater and a messy bun because  that type of style should stay home.  You can find tons of cute dresses and tops on TBDress.com if you don’t have time to hit the stores.

No Uncomfortable Shoes

Now I think I have mentioned this in my “Get the look: Dress like Taylor Swift with these 5 outfits” post that I love comfortable heels especially wedges!  The worst thing you could do on a date is walk or dance in shoes that you either can’t walk in or are killing you (cause trust me they’ll kill the date soon).  Your date wants you to be comfortable.  If you’re comfortable and relaxed, they’ll be comfortable and relaxed too. I doubt you want to be tripping over your own feet because you can’t wear a pair of high stilettos!  So I suggest that you opt in for a pair of wedges or block heels.  Wedges and block heels give you a more stable stance and will offer you a lot more comfort than what a normal pair of stilettos will do.  Another option is to wear a lower heel that fastens around the ankles (don’t go wearing flats, you want to elevate on the height).  Don’t wear a heel that’ll slip off your foot easily, you want to avoid falling and barefootness at all cost!

Avoid Short Clothing!

So as I’ve mentioned earlier wearing a short mini skirt or dress (or top or shorts) will maybe let you come off as needy and desperate, it may even give the wrong impression to your date and they’ll rather want you for a one night stand than an actual relationship.  So you’ve got to be very careful when choosing what you wear.  You’ll rather want to come off as  classy than “slutty”.  I know that it sounds crude but unfortunately your FIRST IMPRESSION is the most important one and most memorable one, so we’ve just got to make sure you’re doing it right.  Rather wear a knee length dress or skirt.  Give short tops and short shorts a full skip!

Don't Do Cleavage!

Okay, let me make this clear, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of cleavage but overdoing it can once again send off the wrong message to your date.  One thing I’ve learned from my mom is “less is more” and “leave something for the imagination“.  You don’t want him or her to know on day one what you look like without your clothes on, right?  You at least got to wait a few dates in or until marriage (if that’s what you prefer) especially if you want this to grow into a full blown relationship!  So it’s important to keep him or her guessing!  An online store that really has cute and tasteful tops is Zaful, they offer a lot of different styles at an affordable price.  Now a celebrity that really knows how to keep people guessing with her style is Taylor Swift,  she isn’t a fan of over showing her cleavage.  I repeat LESS IS MORE!

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Don't Wear Dirty Clothes!

Well this is a given! Common, if you go on a date with a pair of jeans you’ve worn the whole week that is just wrong in so many ways!  Those pants might have stains and they probably smell!  You wouldn’t want your date smelling you (and not in the creepy way)?!  Or worse you wouldn’t want your date thinking you’re a slob that doesn’t bother with cleanliness?!  I doubt you do!  So please do ensure that you’re wearing fresh clothes that smell good!  I don’t think you’ll be getting to date number two with stained and smelly pants.

Don't Wear Uncomfortable Clothes

Remember what I said earlier?  When you’re comfortable, your date will be comfortable!  Now I’ve seen so many women do this mistake!  They go and cram themselves into the smallest body hugging dress or top they own to try and impress their date but then they end up sitting straight up all night trying to hide their rolls, instead they could’ve opted in for a flowy dress or top that maybe hides that roll or two and makes you feel super comfy and relaxed.  You don’t want to sit and adjust your outfit the whole evening or feel like a stuffed sausage!  Not only does it make you look uncomfortable but it also lowers your self confidence as the date progresses.  Ps.  Spanx count as uncomfortable clothing!

Don't Show Your Cracks

This is super important!  If you’re going to wear pants whatever you do make sure you’ve got pants on that don’t tend to crawl up or down!  You don’t want to sit with the unflattering plumbers crack or with the camel toe situation! (Yes, I know I’m very direct but there’s no pretty way about it!).  This is a situation that has to be avoided at all cost!  I suggest you wear high-waist pants or pants that aren’t very low cut.  Another way to avoid the plumbers crack is to wear a belt, this should keep your pants from running down.

Too Much Make-Up

One thing my mama told me was “remember baby, make-up doesn’t make you pretty because you’re already pretty”.  You’re date wants to get to know you not the fake version, the real version.  I suggest that you focus on less is more tactic when it comes to applying make-up.  Don’t go without makeup though!  But opt in for the more natural look as shown below.  A book that offers good make-up techniques is the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, it is a step-by-step manual with pictures that’ll help you to apply makeup correctly and teach you a few techniques you didn’t know about, you can get it on amazon by following this affiliate link amzn.to/2MJ3A0k

Tied Up Hair Is A No Go!

As I have mentioned earlier, you want your date to think you made a little effort meeting up with them, this is why I say that tie-up hair is a no go.  Tying or fastening your hair makes you look uptight firstly and secondly it may seem as if you’re high maintenance while giving off a “she didn’t even make an effort” vibe.  So I suggest you let your hair loose.  That way you’ll also automatically let you hair loose (you know, relax more!).  You can wear a ponytail on date two or whatever but just not date one.  Remember first impressions count!  Wearing your hair down doesn’t only give you a bit of confidence but it looks really good and flattering too!

Don't Be Something Or Someone You're Not

This has now nothing to do with what not to wear.  This is about you!  Remember you’ve got this!  You’ve got no reason at all to stress over anything, if he or she is the right person for you then you’ll end up building a relationship with them regardless if you make a wardrobe mistake or not!  The person you’re meeting up with should be meeting up with you for who you are and not only for your looks.  If the person that is going on a date with you is only interested in your looks, let them go girl!  Then he or she isn’t worth it and then their intentions are in a completely wrong place!  When choosing your outfit make sure that it still represents who you are as an individual!  It has to be authentically you.  If you like stripes, animal print, polka dots or whatever then make sure you add those elements somewhere into your outfit.  You can add it in by adding a belt, scarf, bag, top or dress in the patterns that you love. Now go and slay that date beautiful woman!

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